Monday, November 15, 2010

Columbus Landmarks Ghost Tour

We were extremely happy to participate in the Columbus Landmarks Ghost Tour. Harrison House was the final stop on the tour 3 nights straight. Great turnout and visitors had lots of questions. I was able to give a short history of the house and then relate stories of our hauntings. We have 4 resident spirits who keep us company throughout the house...they greet guests, knock on doors, hide pens, run around the halls. They like to rest on freshly made beds, so I have to constantly remind them that they are to stay off the beds, guests don't like entering their rooms to find head prints indented on the pillows! Have had 2 paranormal groups spend the night in the last 2 years and have recently been contacted by another group who will stay here after the first of the year. I plan to give my spirits a little pep talk before the visit and maybe they will be more active for us. Will keep you updated on spirit events as well as normal happenings around the Inn.

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