Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Going Green

Harrison House is getting GREEN (slowly)

Most of the light bulbs in the house (& there are a lot!) have been replaced with energy efficient bulbs. Water displacement bags are in all 7 toilet tanks and sinks faucets have water saver washers.

We recycle all items possible and have installed individual recycling containers in the guest rooms. With the onset of spring, I have started a new compost pile in the back garden. Not having the time nor expertise to build a bin and not interested in purchasing a commercial one, I am "re-using" the dog's playpen cage from when they were babies. Roxy and Dante sniff around the bin and I would like to think that they are having fond memories of babyhood, but I'm sure they're just interested in the kitchen scraps! My new compost will be used to fertilize the peach trees and blueberry bushes. We'll have fresh from the garden fruits this summer! Strawberries are next when I can find a sunny spot in my shady back garden.

I'm also working on making my own cleaning products from natural ingredients, no more aerosols! And investigating natural soaps and amenities for the baths.