Friday, October 25, 2013

Week of Mishaps

WOW! This has been a week of mishaps. Monday started with a badly clogged kitchen sink...plumber was able to fix it in the afternoon but couldn't help with some other issues so they had to send Jerry out on Tuesday to repair the leaky faucets and HORRAH!! after 5 years of tepid showers I now have HOT water in my personal bath! Thursday I went to an auction and was able to bid on only box...with a brand new Alaskan Ulu Chopping Bowl and the rest went into the the dumpster. Good lunch at Der Dutchman though. This afternoon we discovered that the upright freezer door was not shut properly and all the food was thawed and water all over the floor. Floor was washed and freezer re-started and some of the items could be saved. Went to basement to see if maybe a fuse had blown and found the front of the furnace on the floor....where's a screwdriver when you need it?!?!? Found the screwdriver and replaced the cover correctly (I think) Landmarks' Ghost Tour was a hit...and now to think about breakfast for 12 guests tomorrow...should it be a ham and egg casserole or baked French Toast? One or the other for Saturday and Sunday...maybe the question should be...what would be better for the Sunday hangover crowd (OSU game is 8pm)