Monday, October 31, 2011

Thinning of the Veil

Summer has faded into Autumn...the days are becoming shorter and winter is a whisper on the horizon. I love this time of year as the trees sing with new colors, squirrels scavage and fatten, plants fold back into the earth and the air is crisp and clean.
October brings the "thinning of the veil" between the spirit world and those of us still on is a time when our 2 worlds seem to touch....when we are most open and receptive to the more subtle energies around us.
Harrison House has been "alive" with spirited visitors this month. Guests have reported bedroom doors ajar in the morning, positive that they shut and locked the doors at night. A man was heard whistling at 2am. Two guests swear they felt someone in the shower with them. My daughter asked me to knock before entering her room...I had not be upstairs all morning!
Time to fess up...Harrison House is indeed "haunted!" 4 active spirits have been identified as permanent residents of the B&B.
Cedric is very social and often joins us for breakfast. He is a smoker and cannot seem to remember NOT to smoke in the house. Guests often comment on the smell of a faint odor of cigarette or cigar smoke in the 2nd floor sitting area. Cedric is often seen with a young boy nicknamed Moby.
The 3rd floor attic was Moby's playroom, lead soldiers were his favorite toys. The attic space is now a guest room and people leave behind special items...there are 23 soldiers, a motorcycle, seashells and numerous other memorabilia. Moby is very playful and often pops out of the foyer closet.
Our 3rd resident is Jakob...a quiet bi-polar fellow unless he is riled up...Jakob runs through the halls of the 2nd and 3rd floors, knocks into furniture and is the one I suspect who pulls paintings off the walls. Thankfully he is generally pretty quiet.
Our 4th spirit is Nancy, the matriarch of the the house. I have been told that she actually "found" me and brought me to Harrison House in 2006 to be the new owner. Thank you Nancy, I have had the best 5 years meeting guests, experimenting with new breakfast entrees and living in this exquisite home!